Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Rescue mission - South China

A week ago Tuesday we played a game based on a fictitious river in China during the late 1800's. The game had a British flotilla made up of a powerful gunboat and steam launches sailing up river to rescue the British commissioner, his family, a missionary, his wife and a Chinese official who are besieged by the local Chinese warlord and his pirate allies.
The warlord and pirates needed to capture all or any of the officials to hold them for ransom.
In addition to these adversaries there was a fort on the river occupied by Imperial troops who could be swayed to join the warlord if they could be bribed. This would be rolled for each turn with a 1 getting the troops and their gun to join the warlord and pirates.
And here we have the pictures that are worth a thousand words.

 The pirates at start.
The British rescue force at the start.
A look up river from the British side.

 The fort.
 The British officials residence guarded by a detachment of Indian troops. Also in attendance are his family, the missionaries, and the Chinese official.

 The pirates sail down river to stop the flotilla.
 Here we see the warlord trying to assault the residence.
 This picture shows a side wheel river boat that had been set on fire during the night before the British civilians could board and set sail. also in the center the pirates have started to board the large British gun boat. Steam launches are landing to assist the civilians.

 The British civilians have abandoned the residence while the East Indian troops hold the warlord's troops at bay.

 Civilians boarding a steam launch to freedom.

 The pirates capture the large gun boat!!
The civilians sail off to freedom.
We had four gamers on this occasion. Tom, Wendell, Bill and myself.
Bill and Wendell were the British while Tom and I were the warlord and pirates.
The game ended with mixed results as the British were able to rescue the civilians but did lose the large gun boat in the process.
It was a fun game with a lot of action.
Take care and good gaming,


  1. What a stunning collection of ships...atmospheric and gorgeous!

  2. Terrific stuff! Those junks are gems.

  3. What an awesome looking and fun sounding game! I think I will pilfer this scenario for my own personal use and run it for my club mates at Das Krieg Haus in Ft Laud Fl. I will use "The Sword And The Flame" for the land action and "Gunboat & Dhow!" for the Naval portion.

  4. Outstanding, Greg! I marvel at your table, ships, terrain, and figures .

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