Monday, July 4, 2011

Tactica game at Mike's

Hi all,
We recently had a Tactica game at Mike's house. Rome vs Gauls. As you can see from the pictures, we had a fairly traditional setup and very little terrain to get in the way.
After a little rearangement of the Gauls, I placed all of the cavalry on the left, we were ready to begin.

The Gauls plan was to sweep the Roman right flank with their cavalry and then roll up the Roman battle line while pinning the Legion with frontal attacks by the infantry. The next picture shows how the plan was developing and all seemed to be going as expected with the exception of a very aggressive Roman commander who wanted to close with the Gallic infantry as fast as he could.

The Galic cavalry was first met by the Roman light infantry and surprisingly we were set on our heals by some mighty fantastic die rolling by Mike. Well this was shocking as Mike has not had good dice or good omens from the Gods for over 15 years now!
As we continued the Gauls decided to weather the storm and keep to the plan. Unfortunately the storm got worse. After three turns of continuous combat the Galic cavalry broke and went streaming to the rear!!! At the same time the Roamn Legion had closed with the barbarian infantry and was making short work of them. Again with some great die rolls by the infantry commander Larry.
Well by now their fate was sealed and the Galic commanders, Phil and I, threw in the towel.
A very good game by Mike and thanks to all who played, Larry, Phil and of course the victorious Mikus Likus.
Here are soem pictures of Mikes armies. They are super nice and always a pleasure to game with as well as their owner who is a most gracious host.
Some Spanish cavalry.
One of Mikes Roman Cohorts.
A couple of Mikes many warbands.

Take care and good gaming to all.