Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Siege of the Legations - more progress

Greetings to all. It has been longer than I wanted it to be for this post but delays and life got in the way. So here we are and with this installment, the Legations in Peking are nearly completed. I am very fortunate that I have an area this large to use and am able to keep it set up for any length I choose.

These two views are looking South towards the Legations and the Tartar Wall. The first picture is from the East side and the second is from the West. In the first picture you can see Chinese  houses in the foreground and along the left edge of the table. In the center top of the picture is the Fu, an area owned by Prince Su Wang and was allowed to be used in the defense of the legations after Prince Su Wang departed. It was also one of the most contested areas of the Legation defense. Off to the top right of the first picture is a building I made to represent the Hanlin Academy.
In the second picture you are looking almost straight on to the Academy. You can also see a bit more of the Fu than in the first picture.

Here is a closer view of the Academy and the North section of the British Legation compound.

 This picture provides a bit more of an areal view.
Here we are looking from the South and above the Tartar Wall. Bottom left is the German Legation compound and to it's right is a Chinese temple. Across the street and North of the German Legation are the Spanish Legation, the Hotel Peking, the French Legation and the Japanese Legation. Then there is the South wall of the Fu.

 This shot is looking North but on the West side of the Legation area. Here you can clearly see the canal separating the defenders but it was not very deep and for a good part of the siege was dry and empty. In the center foreground is the American Legation. North of them are some shops and then the Russian Legation and next is the Southern wall of the British Legation.

Here we see a closeup of the British compound. At this time it has not been detailed but the main buildings are present. From left to right are the student quarters, the legation building and residence and then some stables and out houses. The distinctive entrance was created out of pieces of solid wood, I trimmed it with doll house moldings and added a decorative piece over the gates. The gates are made from some plastic material secured from a hobby shop specializing in doll house materials.

This scene shows the Southwest area of the Legations. To the right is the Tartar Wall and the ramp to its top. Then going to the left are the American Legation, the Russian Legation and the South wall of the British Legation. Across the canal can be seen the back of the German Legation, the Bank of Peking, the Spanish Legation, the French Legation and the Japanese Legation.

Here we see the same area but from the East looking West.

This picture shows the Fu. I have not completed this yet and I have more detail to add. As a note the globe like trees were acquired at Micheal's Crafts. They were originally intended to be place card holders for bridal showers. I have removed a small clip that was to be used to hold the name card.

Here is a picture of two of the 25 barricades I have made for the Legation forces to use. These were made from thin foam core with a brick pattern glued on. I found the pattern for free on line and scaled it down to this size. The barrels are again from the craft store and come in many sizes. These are the smallest size and work very well for 25mm games. I have stained them and then painted the iron bands in an appropriate color. The boxes are small solid wood cubes, again available at the craft store, and I drew lines on them to represent boards. These were also stained and sealed. All were glued to a piece of plastic and the covered with a gesso mixture and colored with acrylic paint.

So there we are for now. All questions and criticisms are welcome and I will try to answer them as soon as I am able but sometimes a week can go by due to my job. I still need to complete the Russian contingent and more detail work but all is moving well. By my next posting I hope to have all the troops on display.
thank you for taking the time and interest in this project.
Good gaming,