Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rome vs Carthage - Tactica straight up!

Greetings all. We got together this afternoon at Mikes house for another ancients game in his summer hosting of games at his house. As always, Mike was the generous and courteous host providing both armies, of wonderful quality, for us to game with.
Gathered today were the following members of our informal group. Mike, our host, Wendel, Ken, Jamie, Bill and myself. Ken had asked Mike if one time we could play a game of Tactica straight from the book, using the armies listed and all of the appropriate rules for the same. Usually we use larger armies created by using a points system of our own creation allowing us to play with more troops and have longer battles. So Mike decided that today would be that time and chose Republican Romans against Carthage.
Ken, Mike and Wendel were the Carthaginians and Bill, Jamie and I were the Romans.
Below are the initial set ups for each side.
 Carthage -
The Roman strategy was to break the Carthaginian center while Carthage was determined to crush either of the Romans flanks allowing them to roll up the Roman line.
The Romans won the initiative and the fight was on.
Seeing the Carthaginian elephants ready to charge their left flank, the Romans sent their massed light infantry to remove this threat. Confidence is high that they will be more than able to eliminate the elephants. In addition to this, the Romans moved their Triarii to protect the left and right flanks while what little cavalry the Romans had went out to engage and slow down their Carthaginian counterparts. The Roman center advances to close with the Carthaginian center as soon as possible.

Carthage on the other hand, moves both of their flanks forward to engage each Roman flank while their light troops screen the Carthaginian heavy infantry and harass the Roman manipales.
As the next turn played out, the Carthaginian elephants and the Roman massed light infantry engage in a fight to the death! Unfortunately, the massed light infantry's death.

As this fight on the Roman left flank evolved, the two armies continued their advance toward each other. The elephants make quick work of the lights, eliminating the entire unit in one melee!
On the Roman right flank a battle royal was going on between Roman heavy cavalry supported by light infantry against the cream of the Carthaginian heavy cavalry. I should mention that the Roman right flank was commanded by Jamie, Bill ran  the center and I had the left. On the Carthaginian side, Mike was opposite the Roman right flank, Ken had the center and Wendel was opposite the Roman left flank.
Please let me digress for a moment. Jamie, while a wonderful person and painter of extraordinary talent, Jamie cannot roll dice to save his soul, except for today! Jamie's heavy cavalry and band of light infantry devastated all of Mike's cavalry on the Roman right flank.
At the same time the center collided and began to trade blows.

On the left flank the victorious elephant were confronted by stout Roman Triarii while more Carthaginian cavalry attempted to flank the main Roman line as the Roman light cavalry did their best to hold off superior Carthaginian forces but were defeated none the less.
The Triarii managed to eliminate the elephants and their retreat caused the heavy cavalry that was trying to flank the Roman maniples to become disrupted. This prevented the cavalry from doing anything for the rest of this turn and all of the next turn while if attacked, responding at half value. At the same time the fight in the center rages on!

The end is near though as the victorious Roman cavalry prepare to ride down the Carthaginian heavy infantry and the stout Roman infantry grind up the Carthaginian center. Bill and Jamie finish of the fourth Carthaginian heavy infantry unit and the game is over. Victory to Rome!!!
This was a very fast game even by our standards. We played to conclusion in under 1 and 1/2 hours including the taunts and great humor each of us supplied. Everyone had a wonderful time as always and we cannot wait for the next game.
And now for what everyone is waiting for - Eye  Candy - from Mikes fantastic collection.

Thanks again Mike and many thanks to all who played today.
Good gaming - Greg