Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pyrrus Vs Rome

Greetings to all who join us here.
Well Saturday Mike hosted another game in his summer series of Ancient Battles.
This time we had, as the title states, Pyrrus vs Rome. As always we use the original Tactica rules modified to fit our needs and wants.

The armies were made up of the following forces:
Pyrrus - Bill, Wendell and Phil
6 pike units of 32 figures each.
4 spear armed heavy infantry of 24 figures each
2 light infantry units of 12 figures each
2 light cavalry units of 12 figures each
2 heavy cavalry units of 24 figures each
1 elephant unit with 3 elephants

Rome - Ken, Larry and myself
10 cohorts of 24 figures each
2 triarii of 32 figures each
2 light infantry of 12 figures each
2 light cavalry units of 12 figures each
2 heavy cavalry units of 24 figures each

These armies faced off against each other with these staring deployments.
Rome above, as viewed from the right flank.

 Pyrrus above. The first picture is their right flank as seen by the Romans and the second picture is their left flank as seen by the Romans.
We can see that there will be some exciting cavalry action on the Roman right flank!

The army of Pyrrus made the opening move and in a very  uncharacteristic way. They advanced their entire line forward, deployed for action and thirsting for the blood of their Roman enemies!

Rome on the other hand, stood their ground in the center and advanced both flanks to meet the enemy.

 The Roman light infantry engaged the elephants in a spirited melee but received the worst of it and left the game.
Below we can see the Roman left flank engaging the Pyrrhic right flank with the goal of destroying enough units here to turn the flank.
Meanwhile on the Roman right, a great cavalry battle is occurring with the enemy determined to turn the Roman right flank.
Next turn, the great general of Pyrrus ordered his pike to charge and engage the Roman heavy infantry in melee as the cavalry battle still rages on.

Almost at the same time, the Romans and their foes, turn each others opposite flanks. Desperate times are upon us now.

 But even the loss of two of the center cohorts can not prevent the route of the entire army of Pyrrus. They have lost too heavily on their right flank and even as their cavalry is nearing victory, the rest of the army leaves the field of battle.
There will be no Pyrrhic victory today.

We all want to thank Mike for being a gracious and accommodating host as well as for letting us game with his outstanding figures. As a note, Mike had some figures in this game acquired from Lord Raglan. These are just spectacular!! Great job Mr. Raglan.
Also a special thanks to all of our group who as always had a fine time gaming and socializing.

Finally a little more eye candy.

Take care and good gaming,