Saturday, August 20, 2016

The anger of Rome

Welcome all to another adventure in Mike's basement during the Summer campaigns.
The last time we gathered Mike hosted a game where the Greeks under Pyrhus ( Mike is this correct) and supported by Latin allies did battle with the cohorts of Rome. Rome won.
But Rome being a pompous and egotistical culture were not about to let the transgressions of the Latins go unpunished. So we now have the subject of our latest game. Rome vs. the Latins.
Gamers in attendance were, our host Mike, Wendel, Bill, Ken, Jamie and myself. Mike, Ken and I were the Latins and Bill Wendel and Jamie were the Romans.

Here is a look at the troops at our disposal.
 Above the Latins.
Above the Romans.
Yes about 6.5 feet of troops on each side. The above pictures are of the table before we rearranged everything to fit our tactics.

Below is the battlefield as we started turn one.
The Latins won the initiative and opted to move first. I was commanding the right flank, Mike the center and Ken the left flank. Our strategy was to advance the flanks and hold back the center where we thought Rome was stronger. Delaying the fight for a turn or two can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a game.
Below we have Romes reaction to the Latin first move.
Advance and kill those ungrateful bastards!
Now knowing that Rome would not stand idly by while we maneuvered to our hearts content was disturbing at the least.
So we decided to carry on with our original plan and pray for a bit of luck.
 Above we clashed with the Roman heavy cavalry that was supported by light troops. We would be at a disadvantage but we have overcome situations like this in the past.
And advanced our light cavalry to engage theirs.
On our left flank Ken was fighting a similar battle. Go Ken!

Overall, though fought valiantly and with great courage, the right flank perished to Wendel's courageous troops while Ken was fought to a standstill by Bill. Thus having foiled our plans the Romans continued with theirs. Their strength was in breaking our center and then rolling up our troops toward each flank. Below we see the climactic battle where the finest of Rome went toe to toe with the Latin allies who were trying to win their freedom. Jamie was leading the best that Rome had against Mikes brave and rebelling Latins. They went at it like two prize fighters trading blows but for a second time in a row Jamie's dice foo was stronger and Rome carried the day.

Alas, you can see the gaping holes in the line of battle showing where Rome broke through our line and began the inevitable destruction of our army. Another loss!

But in spite of the crushing defeat everyone had a great time! Mike as always was the gracious host and our senseless banter was non stop. Well we were entertained!
Thanks to Mike and all the players for making this another great get together. Looking forward to our next game Mike!
Here are the obligatory pictures of Mikes eye candy.

How does he collect so many wonderful toys?