Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Spanish are revolting! (No offence intended)

Well we had another Tactica game at Mikes house Saturday and as always we had nothing but fun.

I would like to note that all of our games are Tactica I as we have heard rumours (for over 5 years now) that there is a Tactica II that has been play tested and is ready to go but the author seems to have no intrest in publishing it. We have modified Tactica I so that we could use massive armies of our own configuration and not be bound to the lists in the rule book. Having said that, on to the game.

For this game Mike supplied two beautiful armies. A Republican Roman army led by Caito, and a Spanish Army led by an unnamed Spanish rebel who has managed to piece together enough of his friends and relatives to cause a sizable local revolt against Rome.

We only had 3 players able to make the game this time but as it turned out theis was enough for another great game and gathering of gamers and friends.

For this game we incorporated a few twists. Mike had a stream and some woods on the board. The stream was fordable at any point but cost 2" from your movement rate to cross or move along it. The woods posed no restrictions to the Spanish as we considered them semi-barbarian but cost the Romans and their allies 2" to move through them. We probably should have made the Romans disordered also but maybe at another date.
Here is the initial set up from the Spanish side.
And this is from the Roman side.

As you can see, it is a traditional deployment, with the cavalry on each flank and the main infantry forming the center line while some lights add their support.

The first turn is a general advance for each side with some deployment for the Spanish and Roman units. The Spanish are feeling a bit cramped and can not deploy as they want causing several units to be in reserve behind the main line.

Both of the above pictures are from the Spanish side of the board. And by the way, the players were Mike, Wendell and myself with me as the Spanish.

Turn two saw some fast and bloody fighting on the Spanish left flank as the cavalry on this flank clashed. Spain took 7 casualties and Rome 6. Out of 24 figures, this is some serious fighting. We also continued the general advance causing the light troops to become embroiled in melee also.

On turn 3 the troops were involved in melee across the board. The light troops fighting on the left center, cavalry on both flanks engaged and heavy infantry ready for the assault on each side. While the Spanish scramble to get into the fight, the Romans calmly arrange themselves for combat.

Turn 4 sees the first mele of the main troops. The light troops are for the most part finnished with their efforts and have been removed allowing the main troops to advance into contact. As per Tactica, the Romans get to throw their pilum just before melee. Along with this the Romans are heavy infantry and receive casualties on a roll of 5 or 6 while the Spanish being medium infantry will take casuaties on a 4, 5 or 6. Pilum cause a casualty on a roll of 6.

Well Wendell rolls the very first pilum attack and gets 6 6's out of 12 dice. WHAT A ROLL! Is this a sign of what is in store for the Spanish? Well 2 of the Spanish main units disolve to determined and deadly Roman attacks while the Roman cavalry defeat the Spanish cavalry on the left flank. The Spanish can take solice in winning the cavalry battle on their right flank.

Turn 5, more bad news for the Spanish. Wendell initiates another attack and throws his pilum for 5 casualties out of 12 dice! How can this be? We tell Wendell to hit the casino tonight. Two more main infantry units for Spain disolve. A Spanish infantry unit takes casualties that eaqual 1/3 of its total figures but they cause the Roman cavalry unit to check moral. And since it is Wendell rolling the dice, of course they make their save (a 10,11 or 12 on 2 d6).

Turn 6 and this is the last chance for the Spanish to do anything. They have engaged in combat at every point but have been decimated by the Roman superiority of arms (read this as dice). Rome again stands to the call and destroys 2 more Spanish main units. Game over, Rome wins. Not only does Rome win but they win a shutout. Rome did not loose a single main infantry unit!!!! How depressing for the Spanish commander. The revolt fails and it looks like the nameless Spanish rebel and his surviving followers will spend the rest of their lives as Roman slaves. well there could be the arena and a chance glory.

As always we had a great deal of fun and Mike was the consumate host allowing us to play with some of his outstanding collection. Here, as usual, is some eye candy.

Italian Allies
Spanish infantry
Spanish heavy cavalry
More Italian Allies
So thanks again to Mike and Wendell for an enjoyable afternoon! I hope that all will enjoy this and I thank those who take the time to join us through the magic of the internet.