Sunday, February 14, 2016

Crusades update

Hi all,
Here is the first update of my Crusades project. Below are pictures of my first Muslim heavy cavalry.
All figures are 25mm Perry Miniatures from 3 separate code numbers. I will be mixing the different poses to get 3 units of 5 figures each.
Well I will let the pictures do the talking. All comments are welcome.

Good Gaming to all.

Monday, February 1, 2016

French counter attack, 1940

Well greetings everyone.
Some of my gaming buddies got together with me this past Saturday at my house. We have been itching to play an early war game with Bill's new French forces. As you will see from the pictures, Bill should be proud of the job he has done painting these for our games.
So having decided on the period we needed to figure out how the game should be set up. We decided to have the French involved in a counter attack against the German invaders. Trying to cut through the corridor created by the Germans when they swept into France. The French gathered up some armored units along with a British tank platoon that had nothing better to do. They attached some infantry support and had at it.
Bill and Wendel were the French and I played the Germans. Below are some pictures of this epic battle that as usual did not turn out as expected!

Below are two pictures of the table at the start of the game. This one is looking toward the French from the  German side of the table.

This one looks across the French left flank towards their right.
 Here you can see the great jog Bill did painting these figures.
 This one looks at the front of the French right flank.
The first move goes to the French as they are an armored force and have the burden of attack. They begin their advance toward their objective which is in the small town occupied by the Germans. No firing for the French though as there is nothing within range for them. They are deplyed with most or the armor on their left and most of the infantry on the right.
The Germans in their half of the turn send out their armored cars toward their objective in the large village between the two adversaries. Along with this they rush their motorcycle troops and make a general advance with the balance of their forces. The Germans do get their air support but are intercepted by the valiant French air force.
Turn two has the French continuing their advance trying to eliminate the German armored cars so close to the objective.
 The Germans consolidate their advance and in a moment of doubt and indecision loose the opportunity of a lifetime! More on this later.
There developed a savage battle between French and German armored cars in the large central village. Panhards and French Sappers vs. Rad 8's. Eventually the outnumbered Germans are overwhelmed.
Turn 3 has the French continue their advance on both flanks having engaged and occupied the armored cars attention.

The Germans though have lost their motorcycles are frozen with indecision trying to defend a thin grey line so close to the objective that would give them victory.

During this time the French air force has been doing a bang up job of keeping Uncle Herman at bay. But the Germans finally start to lay into the French armor with the 88's. Knocking out a great deal of the French light armor but not getting a good shot at the French Char B's. The French light armor rushed forward and blazed away with machine guns and trounced the German infantry on their left flank.
 The French kept up the advance across the table and did a good job of tearing up the German's left flank.
 At this point the Germans had lost so much in men and equipment that there was no way to prevent the French from sweeping the German right flank and capturing their objective.
Well we have a decisive French victory! Really a well fought battle with a sound and methodical strategy on their part. The Germans on the other hand threw away their advantage in mobility by not sweeping around the French right flank with their armored cars, 35t'x and motorcycles. They should also have continued to advance and or dug in with the infantry to form a barrier to the French armor.
Se la vie!
Here is another picture of some of Bill's French.
Really, really nice! The pictures do not do them justice.
Thanks for looking!