Sunday, June 29, 2014

C-Day plus 10 - A Roman invasion of Britain

Greetings to all my guests and visitors. It has been a long dry spell and I am sorry that I did not have time to post more until now. All manner of excuses abound but suffice to say that the beginning of Mike's campaign season has brought me back to the blog.

Yesterday we played a game based on Simon Miller's, AKA Big Red Bat,  game at Salute this year, C-Day plus 10. This was part of Caesar's invasion of England. So Mike extends his warm appreciation and thanks to Simon on borrowing this scenario.

Mike's game was somewhat different as we were not fighting on the coast. Our game's forces were as follows:
Rome - 10 Cohorts of 24 figures each
              4 bolt throwers with a crew of 2 men each
              2 units of heavy cavalry at 12 men each
              2 units of archers at 12 men each
              1 unit of slingers at 12 men
Britons - 10 Warbands, medium infantry at 48 figures each
                2 units of light chariots at 5 chariots each
                2 units of heavy cavalry at 12 men each
                2 units of archers at 12 men each
                1 unit of slingers at 12 men
The commanding players were:
Mike Adams - Briton
Wendel Decker - Briton
Jamie Welling - Roman
Greg Principato - Roman

Rules were Tactica. We really enjoy these rules as they have produced many games that have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and bring games to a quick and definite conclusion. This particular game lasted about 2.5 hours and allowed ample post game discussion and comradery.

We start our narration with a glimpse of the opposing side set up.

What an impressive array of toy soldiers! And to think that this is only a small part of Mike's troops in his collection.
So you can see that the Romans were facing an assault by fierce and furious Celtic warriors in boundless numbers. But the Romans were confident that the training and discipline of their troops would carry them through.

For the first 3 turns each side maneuvered and spared with their light troops trying to gain an advantage at some point in the battle line but without much success on either side.
Then on turn four, tired of this inconclusive combat, the chariots of the Britons threw themselves at the Romans vowing to drive them back into the seas from where they came. And their sacrifice snatched the initiative for the Celtic hoard. Following on the heels of the chariots, who sacrificed themselves to the Druid gods they followed, the Celtic warriors surged forward to eliminate these strange new invaders.

The Romans had anticipated this eventuality and were in position to receive the attack! Covering their flanks with the cavalry and some stalwart legionnaires. But a weakness had developed on the Roman left flank.
Caesar, Jamie, was having a difficult time with the dice! I must comment that it has been some time since I have seen a series of unfortunate die rolls like Jamie had at that time. Due to this, and Celtic general Wendel's talent to turn a flank, the Roman left was crumbling.

A brave attempt by the bolt thrower crews bought some precious time but alas, not enough. As the Celtic hoard swept over the Roman left flank, the Romans knew that only a miracle from the gods could save them now.
But wait. On the right flank the Roams were still holding on and even managed to throw back one of the warbands. Could there still be a victory snatched from the jaws of defeat?

Not hardly. The Celtic general of their left flank had his war face on and his blood was boiling with the lust of battle. During the last turn, he managed to cripple and destroy enough of the Roman army to sweep away the opposition and throw the invaders back into the sea!

Congratulations to Mike and Wendel for playing a great game. And thanks to Mike for hosting the game and providing another opportunity for us to play with his remarkable collection. Thanks to Jamie for bring a wonderful and sporting partner. Next time I will have to remember a sacrifice or two to the gods of dice for him before we start to play!

As usual, I have some eye candy of Mike's figures.

So thanks again Mike but please repaint that yellow horse on the last chariot!!!!