Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello to all and my deepest apologies for this long absence. I have been buried at work and also have taken on some large home projects that have eaten up all my spare time.

As you may know, I have been 0 forever in trying to gain a gaming victory. With such a long dry spell (over a year) I was wondering if old age was finally taking its toll. But I am very happy to report that this has all changed and my wins at least recently have shifted in my favor.

I really trained hard for the Mid-War Flames of War tournament at this years Adepticon and it paid off. Last year I struggled to take last place and this year I finished ninth! A vast improvement. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who helped make the Flames of War events at Adepticon such a pleasant and memorable experience. The team from Game Korps who ran the Flames of War events and supplied the boards and judges, and all of the players who participated. Everyone was a great sport and I could not find a single incident that could have detracted from the experience of the event. Each of my opponents were gentlemen and fine examples of perfect gamers.

Last year I fielded a Fucilieri Battalion. This year, in keeping with my heritage, I brought a Cari Company. this gave me much more flexibility and allowed me to win two out of three of my games. My one loss was to Paul DeVolpi who fielded a Russian tank company complete with KV-1's. Paul's steady advance with his heavy tanks and my lack of anything that could stop them except for three German manned anti tank guns, wore me down to the break point and my company left for the rear. Having won the other two games was a great boost to my confidence and a break in my loosing streak.

Sadly I do not have any pictures of the event. Again advancing years and distractions caused me to forget to bring the old camera. On a better note though I was able to meet friends from last year's event and catch up on news from them while enjoying their company in person once more.

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