Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boxer Rebellion part 2

Greetings my friends. We are here at the second entry for my Boxer Rebellion project. I have started to lay out my buildings and walls to see how everything fits and I have to say that I am very pleased with the results.

The first view is looking towards the main wall with the British Legation on the right and the Soo Wang Fu on the left. As noted by the bridges, the canal will run directly down the center of the table.

The walls in the foreground are made from thick (1/2") foam core covered with a wallpaper I obtained at a discount store for about $5 a roll. The tops of the walls are made from corrugated cardboard to look like roof tiles. Buildings are mostly made of ceramic and some were obtained from Christmas Village manufacturers.

The above view shows a closer look at the city wall with the Russian Legation in the lower left. Closer to the wall will be the American Legation with the German and Spanish legations. Also in the upper left corner is a temple. This piece was obtained at a pet store for a mere $10.00.
This view shows the numerous Chinese hoses that I made about 12 years ago (good grief was it that long already!). These are made from 1/4" foam core cut into various patterns with doors and windows and then glued together into a myriad of sizes. All the roofs are made from corrugated cardboard that was scored to give the impression of tiles roofs. Very inexpensive and I think very effective. They are all hollow, light weight and durable. The center poles are just pieces of wood dowel.
Some of the buildings scattered about may or may not be used in this game but made it on the table for now to take up spaces or just because I needed a place to put them.

Well more to come soon I hope. I need to finish painting the Japanese Legation and create some movable barricades. So please enjoy and as always comments are welcome.
Good Gaming!


  1. The table is really coming together. I like how the wall turned out. Behold, the power of paper!