Monday, January 29, 2018

Wow it has been way too long since my last post. I thought I would have more time to post since I retired but between catching up on tasks around the house and assisting my brother through an illness there has been little progress with my blog. On the brighter side I have managed to paint a fair number of figures since retiring. Below are pictures of my Muslim camp for 'To the Strongest'. Besides this I managed to paint the following figures:
36 figures for AWI - 28mm
10 vehicles for FOW - 15mm
25 Wild West figures - 28mm
2 wagons - 28mm
10 mounted crusader knights - 28mm
45 pilgrims for the crusades - 28mm
6 pirates - 28mm
plus a couple of odds and ends laying around for years unattended.

So on with the show. These are Perry Brothers figures from their Crusades Muslims pack #MA18.
I made the tent from paper towels soaked in a mixture of white glue and water. About a 50/50 mixture. This is based on a piece of plastic cut to fit the squares of my game mat for 'To the Strongest'. The posts holding up the tent are wood dowels glued into holes I drilled into the base. The texture for the camp base is made from sand, white glue, water and craft pain in a color called bleached sand. The various containers about the camp are more finds from the craft store. Miniature wood bowls filled with seeds, beads filled with colored plaster and some tiny baskets filled with odds and ends scrounged from artificial plants.

Thanks for stopping by.
Good gaming,