Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Magnificent Seven 95% complete!

Wow, I am almost at the end of this project. Here are the pictures at this point. All that is left to do is to create some scatter terrain, finish painting the bandit Hombres and print up some rules. We will be play testing this over the next two or three months and I will post some of the results as we move on.
So here are the pictures.

 One of my friends and a fellow Lead Adventure Forum member FifteensAway suggested I add some vertical terrain. So you can see I have added some hills in the appropriate areas.

 I scattered some villagers and bandits for reference to size. Figures are from Old Glory, Knuckleduster, Essex and a few conversions.
 The game occupies an area of 5' X 7'.
Here are pictures of the dead tree build. The stone work around the tree is grey in real life not blue as in the pictures.This is the one major part of this project that was purchased and not hand made. It is from Woodland Scenics and is called the dead Maple.

Below is a pictures of the type and color of scatter terrain yet to be completed.
Thanks for looking and I will try to keep everyone updated.


  1. Wonderful terrain, the dead tree is awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Frank. Took a while and could not have done this if I was still working.

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    1. Thanks Prufrock. Took a bit of time but it will be ready for the conventions.