Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another great game at Mike's

A hearty Hail Caesar to all. Here are a few pictures from our game at Mike's yesterday. Rome vs Phyrus.
Sorry to say that my Tactica mojo is very rusty and I lost as one of the Roman commanders (this is twice in a row! May the Gods forgive me.).
This is a shot of the enemy's right flank. Note all of those nasty rows of pike.

Here is a closeup of the Greek heavy and light cavalry.

These are some of the Romans Italian allied forces.

One of Mike's many many Roman cohorts.

Our Italian allies advance on our right flank. We were hoping to break one flank or the other and then sweep the board. But this was not to be. The Greeks forces (Wendel and Phil) held their flanks and broke the Roman center.

A picture of our left flank during the second move.

A closeup of some of the elephants we were trying to deal with. Our light infantry was massed and used to break up the elephants attacks.

Mikes new Italian allied chariots and the allied command.
One of Mikes Italian allied units. And yes, every shield pattern is hand painted.

A staged picture of the Italian allied cavalry.

One of the many pike units we encountered. Again all shields are hand painted.

Finally a shot of our Roamns trying to fend off the attack of all those pikes! Our thin white line.
Thanks to all who participated and especialy to Mike for hosting the game and letting us play with his fantastic figures. Maybee next time I will sacrafice a goat instead of a chicken.

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  1. Very impressive! I love the Italian allies in particular, and the wall'o'pike!