Sunday, September 25, 2011

A surprise ending

Hello to all who partake of our gaming adventures.
We had another Tactica game at Mike's house yesterday and boy oh boy we did not expect it to play out the way it did.
We were gaming a very early Roman battle that involved barbarians from the Alimani area vs very early Romans when they still used the Greek pike formations. Historically this battle took place near Rome by a large stream and the Romans got their clocks cleaned. Our game had a slightly different ending.
The players were:
Mike, the Roman commander and our host.
Larry, The Roman second in command.
Greg (myself), the Barbarian commander.
Bill, the Barbarian second in command.
And please forgive me but we had a third Barbarian commander who's name I find that I can not remember. This in no way detracts from the fact that he was a great gamer and a good sport.

Here is how the game started with the Romans set up with a strong defensive plan and the Barbarians ready to strike.

The Barbarian plan was to sweep the Roman left flank and roll up their line to the right while the rest of the Barbarians held their attention.
The flank attack was going very well.

But then the Romans decided to get aggressive and smashed into the Barbarian center.

This caused the destruction of two important war bands for the Barbarians and broke open the center of the line for the Romans to advance.

The Romans had snatched certain victory away from the Barbarians by marching most of their heavy infantry off the board into the Barbarian baggage camp and away from the destructive attack of the Barbarian war bands. THE GAME WAS A DRAW! In all of our years (22 of them) playing Tactica we have never had a draw. Mike had played a very good game and I fear that our over confidence may have caused us to see the victory slip from our grasp.
As always, everyone had a very good time and especially enjoyed getting together. Sadly though Mikes energy was directed at salvaging his army and not used for his expansive knowledge of ethnic humor.

Again I have added some eye candy of Mikes figures.

Thanks again Mike. Until we game again.

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